Denicol Products

Racing Oils
4 Stroke Oil
Thumper Lube 10/40
Thumper Lube 10/60
2 Stroke Oil
S2 Competition
A1 Competition
Gear Oil
Power Shift
Trans Special

Filter Oil
Filter Spray
Filter Cleaner
Chain Lube
Quick Clean
Cable Spray
Moto Grease
Brake Fluid
Moto Wash

Sub Zero Water Cooler
Cooling Liquid Moto
Turbo Booster

Suspension Fluids
TCF Fork Fluid
CFF Fork Fluid

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The history of Denicol lubricants goes
back to 1890, when Henri Denies started the business selling petroleum used in lamps.
The introduction of automobiles meant a significant step forward for Leon Denies, who took over the business from his father in 1925.

Since 1975 the third generation continue the business as Jan Denies became managing director of the company. Since then, the company has continued to grow, and has become a producer of top quality
extreme racing lubricants.

Pro-Racing became the exclusive U.K. Importer of Denicol products in 1983. Denicol lubricants are only available from professional motocross and racing dealers.